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This and That....

I can't imagine being in the shoes of the survivors of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. It must be horrible.

Especially bad would be if one of those family members lost was the wage earner. What does the family do now? To be sure, there will be compensation from Malaysia Airlines, but when will that come? Will families have to sue?

Importantly, we have to ask how do you sue when there is absolutely no proof that the plane crashed? There is no debris, no airplane found as yet.

There is the presumption that it crashed in the Indian Ocean, and there are four incidents of "pinger" reports. But that's not proof.

It must be madly exasperating for the families...all 239 of them.


As maddening, the turmoil that is threatening to brew in Ukraine has to have people there wondering about their future.

There are 40,000 Russian troops, planes and tanks gathered at their eastern border.

The Russians claim there is nothing to worry about -- that the troops are there for military exercises.

But when one sees all that might and force gathered in one place that seem to be doing nothing, one has to wonder what Russian President Vladimir Putin has up his sleeve.

It is a state of limbo for Ukraine's citizens...not knowing if or when a strike might come.


Winter is not yet over up north. There is another batch of snow in the Rockies and more cold, stormy weather is due to hit the Midwest and beyond.

Talk about frustrating...those that have had to live through this past winter just about get their driveways clear of snow when another snowstorm hits. Or a tornado. Ugly weather: Ish!

We've had it pretty good down here in Florida all winter...only a couple of coldish mornings.

And we've just learned that hurricane season this year will be fairly mild, with only 9 named storms and 3 hurricanes predicted. Just one of those is expected to be fierce.

This really is God's country.


The Tampa Bay Rays are back at it for another season.

They're doing okay so far: 7 wins and 6 losses.

They've been in Cincinnati this past weekend playing the Reds. They took the first two games from Cincy, but the Reds came back to slaughter the Rays in the third game; the Rays' pitching sucked in the last game. Small wonder, Matt Moore is out on the Disabled List, Alex Cobb is also on the DL, so is Jeremy Hellickson...Joe Maddon is having to go to the bullpen for pitchers.

They have one more team to meet before they return home from a 9-game stint: The Baltimore Orioles.

Then they'll be facing the New York Yankees when they're back in town.

As usual, we are rooting for Joe Maddon's team, including Evan Longoria, et al.

Maybe the Rays will do better this year...we sure hope so.

As a fan, I sure put in a lot of viewing hours on those boys. Hopefully I will be rewarded somehow.

Maybe they'll win the World Series...that certainly would be a nice payoff for all of us.

That's in my opinion.

Michael C. Quinn


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