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From an Old Man Who Had a
Bad Experience at HH Gregg

Dear Mr. Quinn ~

I'm an old man whose TV recently died. Now, I'm pretty much homebound, so as you can probably guess, the TV is important to me -- it's one of my best friends, so to speak.

I decided to buy an inexpensive flat screen TV to replace the 26-inch TV that died.

I checked HH Gregg's website and saw a flat screen 31" HD TV on sale for $129 and asked a friend to pick it up for me. I'm on a fixed income, and I could barely afford that, but I couldn't live without a TV.

But at the store, he was told the lowest price 31" flat screen HD TV was on sale for $178 and change, so he bought it for me and brought it to my house.

After hooking it up, I found the picture to be astounding! But the sound quality was very poor. In fact, it purely sucked.

So, I thought maybe it was hooked up wrong and called Bright House and asked them to send me a supervisor to check on the hookup. He not only found that the hookup was fine, but told me that there have been many complaints about the sound quality on the lower priced flat screen HD TVs.

He suggested I buy a sound bar with a wired sub-woofer.

So, I checked HH Gregg's website and found a sound bar for $129 with a wired sub-woofer. I sent my friend back over to the store and he was told they no longer carry that product. Instead, he was sold a sound bar for $170 and change.

He brought it to my house and hooked it up.

After many tries with the equalizer on the TV set, I finally was able to get some semblance of decent quality of sound out of the combination.

However, I have to say that my computer of 12 years has a way better, way superior fidelity than this new model of TV set and its accessory.

Hell, my 1957 Chevy had better sound.

So, I wound up paying $350 for a TV that I set out to buy for $129 that has a phenomenal picture but lousy sound.

Mr. Quinn, I'm telling you all of this so your other readers don't get screwed. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with it now.

As a matter of fact, my entire experience with HH Gregg could possibly be chalked up to a "Bait-and-Switch" routine. I'm not sure, I'm just sayin'....

Roy (last name redacted to protect the elderly gentleman).


Dear Sir ~

Thank you very much for your submission.

I'm not an attorney, nor am I a prosecutor, but it would certainly behoove shoppers to beware of illegal tactics...especially when used on the elderly, if that is indeed the case.

Mike Quinn