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TMZ Did a Good Thing
Releasing the Ray Rice Video

TMZ, the TV gossip show, actually did a very good thing when they released the video of Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice punching his wife-to-be Janay inside an elevator, knocking her out cold.

As a result, Rice was kicked off the Ravens team and the NFL has handed down an indefinite suspension for Rice. He still faces criminal charges for the domestic violence knockout of his then girlfriend Janay, who he has since married.

Rice was only originally given a two-game suspension for the domestic battery, but there was such a public outcry that the policy has been changed. Now, if a football player gets involved in a domestic violence charge, it carries a six-game suspension for the first offense and a lifetime ban from playing football professionally for a second offense.

While the video may be tough to watch, it brought national attention to the problem of domestic violence, which is pervasive across the nation.

Here in Manatee County, NewsManatee has long sought to bring attention to domestic violence.

Every week we publish at least one arrest of a man for Domestic Violence by Strangulation. We also frequently publish incidents wherein the female half of a domestic partnership takes a knife or other weapon to the male half, slashing him or otherwise harming him.

However, I cannot begin to tell you about the multitude of domestic battery cases that local law enforcement encounters throughout the course of a week.

But, if we published all of those, no other news would make it to our pages; it is that frequent.

For instance, over this past weekend alone, there were 10 arrests for Domestic Battery. A couple of them were only listed as Simple Battery, but they were for batteries of people involved in a domestic relationship, erego, they were for Domestic Battery.

More attention needs to be given to domestic violence.

The hefty penalty for football players is a start, but it's only a start and only applies to football.

What about the other sports? You can't tell me domestic violence only occurs in football.

And what about the rest of the population?

I believe the penalties should be harsher for domestic violence in any form, such as those being now handed down for football players.

What if a second charge of domestic violence would carry a possible life sentence? Trust me, there wouldn't be any prison space left.

Some other solutions and/or penalties need to be concocted. And it needs to be sooner, rather than later...domestic violence sometimes leads to murder and that, along with other types of domestic violence cases is out-of-bounds for the human race.

That's in my opinion.

Michael C. Quinn