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Chicken Soup for the Soul...Doctor....

I'm slightly worried about my primary physician.

I was his first patient when he started his practice here in Bradenton in 1997. He was young, energetic, and full of life; a spritely soul, if you will.

Whenever I needed to see him, I knew he would cheer me up, despite whatever malady I was presenting him with.

That went on for some time.

For nearly 18 years, I have watched his practice grow and have watched him prosper to the point where he was finally able to build a building to house his practice, without other physicians in the same building. He had made it. He had arrived, as they say.

But last week I noticed something very different about him.

He was extremely busy, as usual, but this time he was overly busy; he almost couldn't handle the work load.

When I finally got in to see him, he was struggling to put blood test answers into their proper perspective, mentally speaking. A couple of times, he rubbed his face, as if to clear cobwebs away.

And he hadn't met me with the usual cheery, recognizing smile. He was more serious, as if he was still thinking about the last patient he saw just before me.

He wasn't the same man I had known.

Then I realized what he was experiencing: Growing pains. He had come to that point in his practice where he needed to draw a line in the sand. He had to stop the growth of his practice and begin referring to other physicians, perhaps younger ones just starting out,

If he doesn't start doing that, he will soon be overwhelmed with the patient load, if he isn't already on its threshold.

He's an excellent diagnostician and will stick with a case until it has been solved. That's why I've stayed with him for 18 years.

He has a family, too -- a wife and three young girls who make him proud and happy.

But I am worried about him.

Maybe you should step back and have some chicken soup...for the soup will cure a host of maladies.

That's MY diagnosis and my remedy.

That's in my opinion.

Michael C. Quinn