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Changes Coming to NewsManatee

We've decided to make a couple of changes to

First of all, we're changing the National/World News page concept.

In the past, each day we chose five national and 5 world news stories that were the most important that we found and posted a summary of them, as such, with a link to CNN.

Now, however, we're abandoning that concept in favor of a weblog (blog), in which we will list extremely important stories as they happen, whether they be national or worldwide.

Those stories will be listed in chronological order, with each new story coming on top of the last.

Days may go by without an incident to write about, or there may be a couple of incidents in a day.

Whatever happens, if it's extremely important, it will get a summary of the incident, followed by a link to CNN for the complete story.

An example of the new concept has been posted on our National and World News page for you to check out.


The other major change that will be occurring over the summer pertains to our archives.

You may have noticed that is not available at this time and hasn't been available for about two months.

That is because the company that was donating the service to NewsManatee, Inc., was using a server that completely and radically failed and they don't intend to overhaul that server.

As a result, we are in discussions with them to provide a redesigned website that is more user-friendly and professional in appearance on a server provided by NewsManatee, Inc.

They will continue to scan the web every night, collect all local news stories and photos and post them on

However, to pay for some of the work done by each company, and therefore defray some of the costs, there will be an arrangement for anyone whose name and likeness appears as an arrest. If they desire to have their name of likeness removed from the website, they must pay a service fee donation of $250. $150 of that will go to the company providing the service and $100 of that will go to NewsManatee, Inc. as a service fee donation. This applies to everyone, whether a judge orders an expungement of the arrestee's record or not, except if a judge orders a "no fee" expungement. Then it will be removed immediately with no cost.

Now, I know there have been objections in the past noted in the press to having to pay a fee to have a name or mug shot removed. By and large, those websites charge upwards of $1,000 or more to do so. We consider those amounts outrageous so we are charging only for time and energy spent on the removals.

There is a way to avoid paying a fee: Don't get arrested and there will be no story or mug shot.

But there has to be payment for services rendered.

After all, both and have volunteers stretching from Maine to Florida who put in a lot of time on each item and we're not doing it for free. It's not our fault someone was arrested.


These changes should occur in about a month; some have started already.

We hope these changes will enhance your reading experience.

That's in my opinion.

Michael C. Quinn

[Posted 3/30/15]